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    Carpentry Services Provided By Revamped

    There is little doubt that custom woodworking and carpentry done in your home can add functionality, distinction, beauty, and artistry to your surroundings. No matter whether you are thinking about adding an addition to your home or you’re doing renovations that require the help of skilled construction, woodworking, and carpenters, Revamped has the team, training, and tools to finish your home improvement projects in short order


    The thought of starting a home improvement project can be daunting. After all, it entails a greatdeal of work to complete jobs that include carpentry and construction. But there is good news!The expert carpenters and construction crew at Revamped have years of experience in the fieldof home renovations, home repairs, and residential restoration so that you can rest easy at nightknowing that your improvement project is in skilled hands.

    Why Choose Revamped Carpentry Services:
    • We Love Serving Our Local Community-As a locally owned and operated home improvement company, we go the extra mile to assure customer satisfaction!
    • Extended Hours Available-Our team works during regular working hours. For convenience,Same-Day, Next-Day, and After-Hour appointments are available.
    • Free Estimates-Toavoid surprises, Revamped offers free estimates on all carpentry, general contracting, and construction projects.
    • Dedicated Crew Members-Our experienced crew members have extensive backgroundsworking in construction, carpentry, and general contracting.
    • Insured, Bonded, and Licensed-Our company is insured, bonded, and licensed to complete carpentry and contracting projects throughout the Greater Atlanta area.
    Carpentry and Woodworking Services
    • Joinery Services
    • Installing Skirting Boards
    • General Construction
    • Creative Carpentry
    • Precision Carpentry Services
    • General Carpentry Services
    • Shed Building Service
    • Custom Carpentry Services
    • Construction Carpenter
    • Woodworking Services
    • Interior Carpentry
    • Maintenance Carpenter
    • Moulding Installation
    • Home Carpentry
    • Framing Carpenter
    • Woodworking Contractor
    • Kitchen Carpentry
    • Ceiling Installation
    • Left Empty for Additional Entries
    • Left Empty for Additional Entries
    Count On Revamped For Your Home Carpentry Needs

    Revamped is enthusiastic about helping our valued customersimprove and optimize their livingspace through design. Regardless of whether you are thinking about making smallerimprovements or sweeping renovations to your home, you can count on us to help you achieveyour home renewal objectives with artisan carpentry work

    Serving Greater Atlanta and Surrounding Communities

    Revamped is pleased to work with returning and new customers in Atlanta and surroundingcommunities for their carpentry, woodworking, and contracting needs. We safeguard our valuedclients asa licensed, bonded, and insured company serving the region. Our free, no-obligationestimates minimize confusion and billing surprises later!

    Expedited Services
    Expedited Services

    In Many cases, Revamped can assist in completing simple bathroom repair renovation and remodeling projects rapidly. For more elaborate remodeling jobs, we work diligently to finish contracted projects within budget and proposed deadlines. Our goal is to make needed improvements as efficiently as possible, so our clients can enjoy the benefits of their bathroom upgrades ASAP


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