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    Door Repair and Replacement By Revamped

    The doors in your home add distinction, privacy, security, and value to your residence. If the time has come to upgrade or fix existing entries in your home, Door Repair and Replacement services by Revamped make a lot of sense. Our experienced staff is happy to troubleshoot and offer recommendations for the best course of action, based on our customer’s unique requirements.


    When the exterior doors of your home aren’t working correctly, you could be putting yourself at financial and personal risk. Drafty doors and entrance ways contribute to less efficient heating and cooling in your home, as well as higher energy costs. A malfunctioning lock could potentially lead to unauthorized entry and the problems that come with it.

    Why Choose Revamped Door Repair & Replacement Services
    • We Care About Our Clients-As a locally owned company, we care about our clients. They are our neighbors, friends, family, and community members.
    • Flexible Scheduling-In addition to regularly scheduled work hours, we offer Same-Day, Next-Day, and After-Hour appointments to meet our client’s needs.
    • Free Estimates-To avoid surprises, Revamped provides customers with free estimates for all Door Repair and Replacement projects.
    • Experienced Contractors-Our qualified contractors have the tools and training to complete Door Repair and Replacements adeptly and professionally.
    • Insured, Bonded, and Licensed-Revamped is insured, bonded, and licensed for Door Repair and Replacement services throughout the Atlanta area.
    Door Repair and Replacement Services:
    • Door Installation Services
    • Sliding Door Adjustment
    • Garage Door Repair Service
    • Sliding Glass Door Adjustment
    • Door Installation Services
    • Sliding Door Adjustment
    • Garage Door Repair Service
    • Sliding Glass Door Adjustment
    • Slider Repair
    • Wooden Door Installation
    • Exterior Door Installation
    • Door Maintenance
    • Interior Door Installation
    • Sliding Glass Door Repair Services
    • Fixing Sliding Wardrobe Doors
    • Overhead Garage Door Repair
    • Garage Door Spring Adjustment
    • Sliding Glass Door Installation Services
    • Custom Door Repair
    • Fix Sliding Patio Door
    • Screen Door Installation
    • Glass and Door Repair
    • Left Empty for Additional Entries
    • Left Empty for Additional Entries
    Depend On Revamped For All Your Door Replacement and Repairs

    The doors in your home are essential to you and your families feelings of security and peace of mind. Door Installation, Repair, and Replacement services provided by Revamped assure that you sleep better at night. Regardless of whether you are interested in adding a new set of French Doors or the sliding doors on your closet have stopped working, our trained home improvement specialists are here to help you solve your problems.

    Atlanta, GA Door Replacement, Installation and Repair Service Specialists

    At Revamped, the safety, and satisfaction of our customers always come first. We are licensed,bonded, and insured company that provides a wide range of home improvement services,including door replacement, installation, and repairs. Our free, no-obligation estimates help you avoid billing surprises later!

    Expedited Services
    Expedited Services

    In Many cases, Revamped can assist in completing simple bathroom repair renovation and remodeling projects rapidly. For more elaborate remodeling jobs, we work diligently to finish contracted projects within budget and proposed deadlines. Our goal is to make needed improvements as efficiently as possible, so our clients can enjoy the benefits of their bathroom upgrades ASAP


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